Barclays Extends Partnership With ISS

Barclays Extends Partnership With ISS ISS, one of the leading global providers of facility services, today announced that it has agreed with Barclays to extend their 8-year partnership whereby ISS delivers Integrated Facility and Workplace Services across the Barclays portfolio in more than 30 countries until 2025.

ISS was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading facility services companies, they have worked with Barclays Bank since 2012 providing an integrated Facility Services solution in the UK & Ireland, Continental Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Europe and the next phase of the contract is designed to create tangible value for the Bank, its global workforce and for ISS.

With a focus on transforming the workplace experience for Barclays’ colleagues and supporting the Bank’s Net Zero ambitions, along with the integrated facilities services, the new contract will reduce costs and continue to deliver value for both parties leveraging the full power of ISS’s integrated, self-delivery model to ensure joint success.