Arcus FM Shares Its Sustainability Commitment Ahead Of This Year’s World Environment Day

Arcus FM logo It’s never been so important for businesses to take the lead and embed sustainability into their culture and day‑to‑day operations to help support our environment. Tech‑led facilities management provider, Arcus FM, is committed to taking an active role in making the FM industry as sustainable as possible.

Arcus is working towards its carbon reduction targets which includes a 40% reduction in CO2e emissions normalised by revenue by 2025 and has a supporting five‑year carbon reduction action plan to help achieve this target. Alongside this, Arcus is working on developing and strengthening its longer‑term net zero plans to support its clients with meeting their net zero targets.

The UK‑based FM company has plans to electrify its entire fleet and has ordered its first 20 electric vans to be rolled out across the business. It’s also introducing an electric car benefit scheme for colleagues and installed electric vehicle charging points at its main offices.

Chris Green, CEO of Arcus FM, said: “There has never been a greater expectation on businesses to act now. I’m incredibly proud of our commitment to the environment and ensuring that we can help the FM industry to be as sustainable as possible. Not only are we dedicated to making changes within our own business, such as electrifying our fleet, but we’re also committed to supporting our clients on their sustainability journeys.

“We have some ambitious initiatives across the business, but I’m confident with the great people we have within Arcus, and the enthusiasm we share with our clients, together, we can deliver and really make a difference.”

Efficiency is always high on the agenda for the FM firm, after review, it has recently renewed its utilities contracts for its two main offices to secure supplies from renewable sources. The electricity supply contract is 100% renewable electricity certified and is backed by renewable generation Guarantee of Origin certificates.

As well as investing in its own sustainability initiatives, Arcus is committed to helping support its clients in becoming more sustainable and supporting the environment. Providing around the clock support, 365 days a year, its SMaRT Hub uses in‑house technology and innovations to direct carbon and energy savings on various initiatives including fridge global command and PV upgrades. The dedicated technological function also enables reduced van rolls through remote fixes and a reduction in refrigerant usage. Over time, the tech‑led FM provider has delivered many other hidden benefits including food wastage reductions, insight into building insulation and water usage reductions.

Arcus FM provides a range of services including Arcus Project Services (APS), a team dedicated to delivering specific projects required by clients. The specialist team has recently supported a client in trials for using bio‑waste for biomass boiler operation. The trial fuel in the form of recycled coffee grounds supports greenhouse gas reductions as well as waste reduction and re‑use principles.

The soft services division of Arcus FM has implemented projects to review key supply chain products including machinery, chemicals, consumables, and cleaning equipment to understand the environmental impact of delivering cleaning. As a result, Arcus is now working towards using 100% recycled plastics for all cleaning products, with an 80% reduction in chemical usage on all sites.

Monima Harrison, HSQE Director at Arcus FM, said: “At Arcus we’re committed to embedding sustainability into our business and supporting our clients to do the same. Our initiatives span across the whole of Arcus to help ensure we’re making a difference and we’re on track to reaching our net‑zero targets.

“Taking care of the environment and playing our part has never been so important and we must continue to make changes to help look after our environment.”

Arcus was awarded a Silver banding and the Rising Star Award by the Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) validating Arcus’ commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Arcus FM staff member in front of van