Survey Indicates Low figures Returning To The Office Full Time

A modern, smart, empty office Results from a recent survey carried out by the BBC concluded that 70% of the 1,800 individuals contacted said they do not expect to return to full time office working.

Those that expressed preferences said they would prefer to either work from home full time, or at least some of the time, according to the BBC.

The report also included results from the recent YouGov study of 530 senior business leaders, 50% of whom expressed concern about the impact working from home has on creativity and levels of collaboration, a view also commented on by leaders of large corporations citing a negative approach to staff working from home.

BBC survey said that respondents to its survey stated that this would not affect productivity or the UK economy.

Philip Jansen, BT chief executive, said that his company is planning to allow the majority of its office workers to attend their office three or four days a week, saying: "We are a people business so collaboration, dynamism, teamwork creativity is really important to us."

While the majority of workers are expected to continue working from home, it has also been proposed that this will not suit everyone.

However, concerns for younger workers were shared, with the opinion that they would find it difficult to work in isolation and would benefit from mixing with their colleagues on a daily basis.