Building Safety: IWFM Influence Grows As Government Recognises Institute-Led Alliance

IWFM logo “Three years ago we welcomed the Hackitt report’s call for stronger competency in building management because it recognised the role of facilities professionals in life safety. IWFM has been a key actor on competency development ever since, ensuring that FM best practice is factored into this work. In bonding the facilities profession firmly to safety and wellbeing, this latest development is a breakthrough for the Building Safety Alliance and for IWFM’s influence.”

This was Head of Policy Sofie Hooper’s reaction to the news that the Institute’s ongoing work on building safety has been recognised by the government. Guidance published last week acknowledges the efforts of the Building Safety Alliance to establish a register of statutory Building Safety Managers (BSMs) and accepts the role a register can play.

IWFM is a leading member of the industry-led Alliance, established in July to oversee the competence arrangements for a certification scheme and hold the public register.

Confirming that there will be no state-run and maintained register of BSMs, the government guidance, published last week, said that industry should determine whether and how to identify those competent to perform the role.

Recognising the sector’s efforts to develop the competence framework for BSMs and specifically the Building Safety Alliance’s work to establish a register of competent practitioners, the guidance acknowledges a role for public registers in helping to assure Accountable Persons when appointing a Building Safety Manager and in promoting transparency to residents.

This is a key moment for the newly formed Alliance, a collaboration of expert stakeholders working in the spirit of the Hackitt recommendations to drive culture change and competence throughout the occupation phase to give residents safe homes.

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