WERCS Takes Over The Running Of Lumicom EEE Producer Compliance Scheme

Lighting Industry Association (LIA) logo It has been confirmed that the Producer compliance scheme Lumicom, Part of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), will be operated by WERCS an approved producer compliance scheme.

Lumicom will continue to operate as a Producer compliance scheme, with staff and all existing supplier agreements transferring, including the operation of the Marwood specialised vehicles. Providing support for its existing member’s and contractors.

WERCS are a producer compliance scheme, owned by Electrical Waste Recycling Group.

Some key benefits to the scheme:

  • The only WEEE producer compliance scheme in the UK with its own lamp recycling facility.
  • Access to additional fleet to support national collections.
  • Offer waste collection and treatment services.

LIA President Terry Dean said “Lumicom will continue to be the recycler of choice for the LIA and will be working in harmony continue to provide its members with guidance and support as the sector navigates through the circular economy. With the additional links to Electrical Waste Recycling Group, we are now aligned to a recycling business that actually recycles lighting within the UK, we see this a very positive partnership for the lighting industry.”

David Wright, the Chair of Lumicom said “We have worked with Electrical Waste Recycling group for a number of years and they have been a valued part of recycling supply chain, we therefore felt that working with them was a logical and very positive step forward for members and contractors.”

Managing Director Mike Bishop, Electrical Waste Recycling Group which owns WERCS added “This is a great opportunity to strengthen our footprint in the lighting sector, we would like to welcome the Lumicom staff, members and contractors and look forward to a very exciting future together.”

Executives from the LIA, Electrical Waste Recycling Group, and Lumicon

Pictured left to right: LIA President Terry Dean, Managing Director Mike Bishop - Electrical Waste Recycling Group, and David Wright – Chair of Lumicom.