Floorbrite And S.P.I.N – Supporting People In Need

Floorbrite Supporting People In Need Our friends over at The Floorbrite Group are used to supporting businesses through the fantastic services they offer for facilities, however, what sometimes does go unnoticed is their brilliant work in the community via their charity The Martin Charles Wyers Foundation. Our jobs and daily lives can be long and difficult, but there is always time to consider those less fortunate than ourselves. Many battling against the elements every day, against things we can often take for granted.

We wanted to assist them in raising the awareness of another charity they support, that provide the help and tools required for vulnerable and socially excluded people living in poverty in our home city of Manchester, called Supporting People In Need (S.P.I.N). If you can help in any way, whether it is just following and liking their social media, it could be that little bit that makes a difference to someone today. The charity is quite new to LinkedIn, and we would love to be able to help grow their followers so please check out their LinkedIn page S.P.I.N Supporting People In Need and follow them too.

The Floorbrite Group logo Please read the brochure below, created by Floorbrite to find out a little bit more about the brilliant work the S.P.I.N team dedicate their efforts towards. Thank you to Nina, Krishan and the team over at Floorbrite for bringing this to our attention. Even the smallest things can make a big difference!

SPIN Supporting People In Need logo

Website: https://supportingpeopleinneed.org/

Twitter: @SpinMcr

Facebook: @SupportingPeopleInNeedManchester

LinkedIn: Supporting People In Need

To read the brochure, click the image below.
The story of S.P.I.N - by The Floorbrite Group