Are Your Workplace Safety Signs Compliant?

UK safety expert Arco urges businesses to review their safety signage


As businesses continue to reintroduce employees to the workplace, Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is raising awareness of the importance of reviewing safety signage to keep businesses compliant and employees and members of the public safe.

New workplace layouts designed to adhere to social distancing measures may be obstructing the visibility of signs installed before COVID-19. In addition, temporary closures may have disrupted regular cleaning and maintenance procedures, increasing the likelihood that signs may be dirty, faded or damaged. Safety signs are designed to help identify hazards and provide information on safe routes and access around buildings. However, signage must be adequately cleaned, maintained and updated to work effectively.

A montage of safety signs Arco is urging employers to consider whether their signage needs replacing and ensure it is in line with current regulations. Signs must meet the BS EN IS07010 standard to ensure all graphical safety symbols are consistent and compliant. Signs with universal images and symbols are essential in overcoming language or literacy barriers.

Under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulation 1996, employers are responsible for providing adequate, current and maintained safety signs in circumstances where there is a significant safety risk. The regulation also states that employers must ensure their staff are aware of and understand the meaning of individual safety signs and signals by providing training where necessary.

Arco experts offer a specialist onsite survey and build bespoke safety signage plans. Its experts have also developed a downloadable self-survey tool to help businesses assess their initial safety signage requirements. With a comprehensive range of standard safety signage products and a customised solution service, Arco can help ensure companies are compliant with the latest legalisation and standards and, ultimately, keep their people safe.

Darren Williamson, Arco Product & Procurement Manager for Workplace Safety, says, “A small investment in signage can make a huge difference to worker and visitor safety. However, safety signs must be considered an ongoing area of investment and improvement to ensure that they are visible, maintained and compliant with current health and safety standards.”

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