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PTSG Gives Extra Protection To The Royal Armouries

PTSG at the Royal Armouries, exhibition of a Japanese Samurai warrior on horseback

Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) was recently contracted to provide specialist water hygiene services for the Royal Armouries in Leeds and Fort Nelson in Hampshire.

The Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s national collection of arms and armour. Originally an important part of England’s military organisation, it became the UK’s oldest museum, originally housed in the Tower of London from the 15th century, and one of the oldest museums in the world. It is also one of the oldest and largest collections of arms and armour in the world, comprising the UK’s National Collection of Arms and Armour, National Artillery Collection, and National Firearms Collection. Today, the collection is split across three sites: the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, and Fort Nelson near Portsmouth. Specialists from PTSG carried out Legionella risk assessments and regular water hygiene monitoring at both the Royal Armouries (Leeds) and Fort Nelson (Hampshire).

PTSG Legionella risk assessment, graphic of the Legionella virus

PTSG Water Treatment Ltd

PTSG Water Treatment Ltd is the newest of PTSG’s specialist divisions. Through the comprehensive provision of water hygiene, water treatment and remedial services, the division is a trusted partner for clients in all industry sectors. The focus of PTSG Water Treatment Ltd is on reliability, sustainability and saving customers time and money. Services encompass a wide range of applications in industrial water hygiene and water treatment, with protection from Legionella and compliance with the necessary regulations.

Engineers from PTSG Water Treatment Ltd can make building owners aware of what Legionella is, what systems are hazardous and which are low-risk. Their risk assessment follows the guidance set out in BSEN 8580:2010 which gives recommendations on the assessment of the risk of legionellosis presented by artificial water systems. The assessment will conclude on the condition of plant and advise the customer of any remediation necessary to reduce the risk from Legionella bacteria.

Other services offered by PTSG Water Treatment Ltd include:

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PTSG Gives Extra Protection To The Royal Armouries