‘Cash In The Cardboard’ For A Revenue Boost

Jason Smith, MD phs Wastekit with baled cardboard Jason Smith, Managing Director of phs Wastekit

Businesses are being urged to ‘act quickly’ and turn their used cardboard into a new revenue stream as cardboard prices in the UK remain high.

“Many businesses are missing a trick when it comes to how they manage their waste, in particular their waste cardboard, which is now a valuable commodity in the UK,” said Jason Smith, Managing Director of phs Wastekit, which supplies cardboard baling machines to businesses across the UK.

“There is real money to be made from selling baled cardboard, yet many businesses are paying someone else to take it away for them! The demand for cardboard since lockdown has been huge but businesses are overlooking the opportunities it has created for them, which can be a costly mistake.”

According to figures from letsrecycle.com, cardboard prices were at their highest since their records began towards the end of 2021, with dry bales of cardboard commanding up to £143 per tonne at UK domestic mills. That is a 50-60% increase from January 2021, where bales could reach between £73-£92 per tonne.

A phs Wastekit baler “The price of cardboard does fluctuate, but 2021 saw an acceleration the likes of which we had never witnessed before, and the prices have remained strong into 2022 too. February records show that baled cardboard reached up to £141 per tonne in domestic mills in the UK,” says Jason Smith from phs Wastekit.

“Cardboard, like boxes or packaging, that has been ‘baled’ by a baler machine can be sold on to recycling companies for reuse or resale, bringing in new revenue for the business. It also reduces the business’ waste collection costs and landfill fees at the same time. I find it astonishing that more businesses don’t see the potential in their waste, especially as it costs them so much to dispose of it.”

As well as supplying high quality baler and compactor machines for rent or purchase, phs Wastekit offers servicing, maintenance and waste removal services across the UK, as well as partnerships with recycling companies to support customers. phs Wastekit is currently offering a free Waste Saving Audit and a free trial of a baler or compactor to businesses to see how much they could save without any obligation.

Contact www.phswastekit.co.uk or call 0800 169 3534 to find out more.

‘Cash In The Cardboard’ For A Revenue Boost