How To Beat The Energy Crisis 💡♻️

SAVORTEX® Guinness World Record Holders - The world's lowest energy hand dryer

As inflation remains at a record high the current energy crisis is dramatically impacting UK businesses.

With few Government schemes available to support SMEs and none to protect larger businesses' margins, companies have few options but to increase investment in cleaner forms of energy and energy‑saving technologies.

Thankfully here at SAVORTEX®, our mission has always been to develop the lowest energy hand dryers using the market's most sophisticated technologies. Not only to save money and resources but to have a meaningful impact on the environment.

Did you know we are the only hand dryer manufacturer with a Guinness World Record for our energy saving dryers?

Our eco-friendly, internet-connected EcoCurve and adDryer offer up to an 88% energy saving per dry vs the old solution.

Savortex® EcoCurve 55D and Savortex® adDryer

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