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PTSG Works With Carr’s Billington

PTSG Water Treatment

HCS Water Treatment, part of PTSG Water Treatment Ltd, has been contracted to deliver specialist water treatment services for Carr’s Billington.

Carr’s Billington provides rural and agricultural communities with the support they need to succeed – whether they are looking for a healthier herd or flock, increased yields, faster growth rates, a decent return on their land or even just a helping hand.

Carr’s Billington has the people, products, and services to help our customers get from where they are now to where they want to be.

HCS is a premium provider of Legionella control and management of water systems; its large and growing team delivers services for customers in all industry sectors and will be delivering services at approximately 40 sites within the national portfolio of ARRS Billington.

PTSG Water Treatment Ltd is one of five divisions within Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) – the others being PTSG Access & Safety Ltd, PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd and PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd. Together, they deliver the full range of specialist services to the construction and FM sectors.