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PTSG Provides Services At Sustainable Office Redevelopment

PTSG at Belgrave Road

Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is to provide specialist electrical services at a new sustainable office development in South West London.

The project at 11 Belgrave Road will provide 108,000 square feet of Grade A space in Victoria, London. The scheme is the first in the UK to achieve an Excellent 5.5-star NABERS design-reviewed target rating for building efficiency and one of only three in the country to be pre-certified.

The Growth Of Sustainable Offices

Awareness of the climate emergency has never been higher and the office sector in particular has a huge role to play in reducing its energy demand. The UK is aiming for a 60% reduction by 2050.

Implementing green initiatives not only reduces a building’s environmental footprint and improves occupant satisfaction, it also makes sense from a business perspective. Millennials are 81 per cent less likely to move jobs in the next year if their employer focuses on sustainability and employee wellbeing, according to a recent Gallup-Healthways poll. According to the Environmental Protection Agency improved indoor air quality can result in up to 11 per cent gains in productivity with biophilia documented to improve mental and physical health, increase productivity and reduce carbon footprints.

By being at the forefront of the climate movement, green buildings will not only attract the investors and the occupiers they need to benefit from the ongoing flight to environmental quality, but will also help to encourage workers back to the office when the pandemic begins to ease.

PTSG Electrical Services Ltd at 11 Belgrave Road

PTSG access specialist perched on a roof

11 Belgrave Road meets the highest sustainability and wellbeing credentials, taking its place as one of the capital’s most sustainable office buildings. It has been designed to be net zero carbon in both construction and operation, surpassing the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge target by 38%.

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd have been contracted to deliver a new lightning protection system at the development. This will safeguard buildings and people in the event of an electrical storm.

PTSG is the UK’s leading provider of lightning protection services. This includes bespoke and standard system installation, test and inspection and maintenance. It also encompasses surge protection and specialist earthing systems.

Depending on clients’ needs, PTSG’s expert design team can provide either a standard or bespoke solution. This can include layout drawings to meet architect, consultant and contract engineer specifications. All new installations are undertaken by the Group’s experienced and highly trained engineers based across the UK. PTSG is also able to provide additional services when ‘rope access’ equipment is required.

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PTSG Provides Services At Sustainable Office Redevelopment